Free Delight Fall wallpaper for iPhone 4

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Delight Fall for iPhone 4
autumn, branch, fall, nature, tree

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Delight Fall wallpaper for iPhone 4

This wallpaper was uploaded by user LeoneHD at 05/09/2012. It is perfect for Retina HD display.

I really love this wallpaper by “solutionall” on deviantART. The color tones of the wallpapers are lovely and just appeal to the user – nature lovers and environment lovers would love this.
The focus on the sticks and leafs and the blurring of background makes it even more interesting.

If you love the wallpaper and want to check out the artist who created it, please check:

Added: 05/09/2012 by LeoneHD

Resolution: 640x960 (pick another resolution)


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