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How to set your own screensavers on Kindle

First of all, fellow picker, don't be afraid — you will not break any rules or laws by installing so called 'hacks' on your Kindle. It changes absolutely nothing in your relations with Amazon, i.e. you can shop in the store, buy books and subscribe to magazines and newspapers; your 3G network usability will be intact.

Custom firmware (or 'jailbreak', if you wish) will allow you to perform some awesome things, by default prohibited for an unknown reason. One of them is ability to set up your own screensavers just from any 800×600 greyscale image, and on you will find plenty screensavers for Amazon Kindle.

So, here's the list of steps you need to take:

  1. Go here and download at least two files: kindle-jailbreak and kindle-ss, both with version numbers in their names.
  2. Unzip jailbreak archive, find your Kindle model type in the table below so you can pick the right update version from the .zip file.

    SN prefixKindle model (2, 3, or DX)use this update
    B002K2 – U.S.k2
    B003K2 – Globalk2i
    B004KDX – U.S.dx
    B005KDS – Globaldxi
    B006K3 – 3G U.S.k3g
    B008K3 – Wi-Fik3w
    B009KDX – Graphitedxg
    B00AK3 – 3G UKk3gb

    Plug your Kindle into your PC so you can access the file directory. Copy the correct update over to the root level (the main level) of your Kindle, then safely eject the Kindle from your PC, go into your Kindle's Settings menu and select the update option (it will only be selectable if you put the right update file on your Kindle).

  3. After update Kindle will reboot, and after that will be good to go along with other 'hacks'. Please take notice, if your firmware is outdated like ver. 2.* or so, jailbreak update will show U006 error, but it is perfectly normal, harmless and doesn't mean it didn't work.
  4. Now make the same thing with kindle-ss file (which is screensaver enabler): pick correct file, extract, upload, restart.
  5. Finally, now you can add any images in the special folder and Kindle will show them on its screen, when you put it in a sleep mode. To change your custom screensavers, plug your Kindle to your computer via USB, and upload them to the linkss/screensavers folder that has been created by the hack. You'll have to restart your Kindle in order to take your new screensavers into account. To that effect, you can either use the autoreboot feature, or simply do a full restart of your Kindle.

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